NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble is a performing music group under the Centre for the Arts in the National University of Singapore. Established in 1987, the NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble (NUS IIE) celebrates the finesse of Indian classical music. The Ensemble consists of five sections: Veena, Sitar, Violin, Tabla and Vocals. In addition to these, we have also have musicians proficient in the Flute, the Mandolin and the Mridangam. Our performances mark the confluence of diverse styles of Indian music and a plethora of notes and rhythms. With 120 members, comprising students and alumni, the group performs as a full orchestra and as smaller ensembles.


IIE at Student Life Fair 2017

SLF is an annual event organized by the NUS Students Union to introduce students to the vibrant campus life in NUS.If you want to be a part of the IIE family and showcase your musical talent or simply want to learn and make new friends, come check us out at the Student Life Fair this year on 17th and 18th August at UTown!

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Past Concerts




Part of the NUS Arts Festival, This collaboration between IIE and Indian Dance depicts the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva through the twin mediums of Classical Music and Bharatanatyam.




IIE's next venture, Asura will portray the inner struggle that all humans face – between good and evil, through the medium of classical music.




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